We believe anyone can answer big questions for themselves.

We believe in sharing experiences to help shape the industry we love.

We believe that continuing education should be accessible to those who want to learn.

You can do so through our blend of formal and informal education opportunities.

Here you will find the education schedules for our
 Performance, nutrition, Regeneration & MINDFULNESS classes.
 All specifically Engineered to Help You Achieve More.

We are a community of individuals sharing our stories [mistakes & successes] to collectively upgrade lives.

NUtrition & Habit 8wk class

Who is this for: You.

You already know that asparagus is a healthier option than fries, but why do we still choose the fries almost every time?

This 8 week class will help you:
1.  Cultivate nutritional strategies that are sure to not only outlast the latest diet trend, but also your new iphone contract. 

2. Set realistic & attainable short-term [habit-based] and long-term [outcome-based] goals.

3.  Provide you with the tools to recognize when you are falling into old habits.

4. Guide you every step of the way on how to adopt healthier nutritional & life choices.

Learn To Lift Class

Who is this for:
- If you are new to working out.
- Those looking for a technique tune-up

Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Chin-Ups, Rows, Lunges, and on, and on, and on..

So many exercises, so many details.

It's not news that if you perform an exercise poorly, you risk injury, jeopardize your progress, and possibly even your job.

Let us guide you through the foundational movements that will echo through every exercise and movement. By the end of it, you will walk into any gym in the world with the confidence to know not only what to do but why you're doing it.

From Warm-up & mvmnt to lifting, Performance & Regeneration. You will leave this 4-week comprehensive class with a newfound confidence & a toolbox stocked of movement mastery.

MVMnT & Regeneration Class

Who is this for:
- Runners, Cyclists, & Distance Sport enthusiasts
- Athletes
- Business Professionals
- Anyone looking to move better, feel better & live painfree

You train, hard. You bust your butt but seem to be falling into the same injury trap. For whatever reason, it keeps coming back...

Lets break down the pattern(s), together. Then we can rebuild a solid foundation around movement, not exercise. This way, your will understand the approach world-class health-care professionals use and what self-care truly is about. Together, we will build  a structured plan that will upgrade your entire being from joe to pro.

Coaches Seminars

Who's this for:
Personal Trainers, [sport] Coaches, Teachers, and Enthusiasts.

Topics ranging from:
- Long Term Athletic Development
- Training For Performance
- Mobility As A Skill
- Art & Science of Coaching Human Connection
- Optimize movement through respiration

MvmNt For Performance Class

Who's this for: Lifters who want to put some athleticism in their step.

You play sports on the weekend, but would like a leg-up when it comes to competition.

This 8 week class will take you through basic to advanced movements that will optimize body position, increase rate of force transfer & awareness of the game.

Topics to be touched on include: Deceleration, Acceleration, Change of direction, Plyometrics, Throwing, Sprinting & Basic Strength training.

Note: Pre & Post-session testing will be done.  


Adult Performance CLass

Who's this for: Mom's & Dad's who want to be the superhero's their kids know they are.

Being part of a team is what kept you safe, strong & motivated when you were younger. This is that same team, but better.

Everyone is all grown up with responsibilities and while that would usually hinder progress, it's our main driver. This team is stacked members who have your back.

With an inclusive culture that fosters progress, not perfection - this is one of the reasons that this is the most sought after class of them all.

There's a spot open on the roster, come see what the hype is all about.

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