We Are A Human Performance Company.

Performance is about
improving what matters to you, 
that's what matters to us.


Our Mission

We aren't only interested in moving you up past the average.
We are committed to moving the entire average up.

Our community strives to be healthy, athletic, productive and inclusive. 

We do so through our blend of formal and informal
coaching and education opportunities.

Our mission is to share our experiences to help shape the industry we love.

Anyone can answer big questions themselves.

Let us show you how.


There was a moment when I realized training with Rich was actually working to solve my problems; I woke up before a morning session and was actually excited and eager to go to the gym. I had never experienced that before.
— Yael, Financial Manager
Finding a trainer that can work with me, understand my training/travel regime and help me improve was a challenge, until I started training with Rich.
— Michael; Martial Arts Expert, Businessman & Father of 3
I felt hopeless.
I thought that losing weight was too confusing & challenging.
I didn’t know where to start.
Rich taught me to make incremental and manageable changes to my diet and taught me the foundation of nutritional know-how I needed to reassuringly move forward.
Rich also taught me to train smart, hard, when to push and when to ease off.
— Alex, Student
The sessions are varied, fun and Rich will help you target your areas of weakness.
In my view, working out with Rich is the most efficient way to get results.
— Andrew, Hockey Player, Businessman, & Father of 3
My previous training experience was difficult and unhealthy.
With Rich, I felt respected and heard.
He is a true professional who is extremely knowledgeable.
He is constantly furthering his education and sharing that knowledge in a kind, respectful and fun way!
This increased my confidence and motivation.
— Karen, Working Mother of 2

“Rich introduced me to elite training. He’s more than a trainer, he’s a mentor and helped me shape the healthy lifestyle I live today. His enthusiasm for my training helped me push through barriers I never thought I could physically and mentally. He has a phenomenal understanding of the human body and how to help it attain and maintain peak performance.”
— John Gilmour, New York Rangers, NHL
My biggest challenge prior to training with Rich was
Nutrition, and gaining muscle. I felt like I was missing something in my game.
After experiencing a few sessions I started to see that I was gaining muscle, he also gave me simple & actionable nutrition tips to help my game. My Body fat went from 18% to 10%.
Rich is someone that cares about you as an athlete, but also as a person. One of the best trainers I’ve ever had.
— Vimal S. Hockey, Providence College, Forward
I wasn’t in the best shape when I started with Rich. I needed to get stronger to play at the high level I wanted to.
After a few sessions, I wasn’t worried about getting in shape anymore. It was clear that Rich knew how to push his athletes and get them to the next level.
I was getting noticeably stronger and was learning all of these new lifts, which was pretty cool.
I’d say, just go for it. If you follow what he says then your going to get the results, without a doubt.
Simply put, Rich is very passionate about what he does, enthusiastic and he cares.
— Yaniv P. Hockey Goalie