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I offer a coaching mentorship for trainers and aspiring trainers, but it’s not your typical mentorship where you come with a large group of trainers and all go through the same curriculum.

This is one-on-one, or in a semi-private group setting (up to 3 people) —just you and me—and YOU define the curriculum based on what you think will be most helpful to you and your business.

PS- if you want to bring a friend or spouse, that’s cool.

Here’s how it works:

We set up a time to meet and block off four hours to answer any questions you have about training techniques, program design, business…really whatever you can think of that will be helpful for taking your career to the next level.
We can also train during this time: either I’ll train you or we train together. Or go on one of my favorite hikes in the area while we chat.

After that, we go eat together. Lunch if we meet earlier in the day, dinner if we meet later.

In all, it’s about six hours together, plus email correspondence afterward to keep in touch and stay on track.

If that’s something you’re interested, send an inquiry explaining what you hope to get out of the experience.

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