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“Before I joined up with Rich, I was strong and athletic, but I wasn’t a strong athlete. I had been working out for about 5 years already, and had began to feel like I was hitting a ceiling.
No matter how intensely I trained, I had that feeling that my improvements were coming too slow.
The day my friend Lucas introduced me to Rich that all changed. After only the first phase of my program I had become stronger than ever. I felt it in the gym, on the basketball court, and in my everyday tasks.
After the second phase i had reached my goal of dunking on a 10 foot net with consistency.
My legs felt like they’d been bionically upgraded. -- and I still wanted more.
After shattering personal records on the bench press, in pull-ups, squatting, and dead lifting, I knew I made the right choice signing up with Rich.
I'd recommend him to anybody that is serious about taking their training to the next level, whether for aesthetic or athletic purposes, join  and reach your potential.” – Jon S.

Day 1 Testing:
Bodyweight – 180lbs
Bench press – 185lbs x 3 rep
Deadlift – 275lbs x 1 rep
Pullups – (Bodyweight + 50lbs) x 3 reps
Front Squat – 185lbs x 1

After 10 weeks:
Bodyweight – 188lbs
Bench press – 235lbs x 2 rep
Deadlift – 330lbs x 1 rep
Pullups – (Bodyweight + 80lbs) x 3 reps
Front Squat – 245lbs x 1 rep

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Yesterday was the last day of my transformation. Overall, I lost 38 pounds, dropped from 22% to 10% body fat, and have never felt better! Again, thank you for all the in-depth, helpful posts on the InnerAthlete website and facebook page. The techniques you discuss and guide people through go a long way in improving strength.

As you would say, I went from Joe2Pro…well, still on my way to the Pro part, but at least the ball is now rolling.

Thanks again,


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“Rich got me in the best shape of my life.
There’s really nothing more that I can say.  I couldn’t be happier with the results”

– Lucas Pellan